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Tuesday, 24 August 2010

Green Man Festival

Oh oh oh the rain in Wales. We put the tent up in TORRENTIAL rain on Friday lunch-time which didn't stop until Saturday evening. We were so wet - the tent was wet before it was up, and wet inside when it was up. The kids were dripping, I was wet through to my underwear despite big waterproof coat and wellies. Because it continued to rain - nothing dried, so we continued to be wet.....for a long long time.

I must confess to having several rather large sense of humour failures - and would have packed up and come home at several points over the weekend was the car not parked a 30 minute walk from the tent, and had we not had so much (wet) kit that it needed at least 4 journeys to get it all back again.

And the festival? It was great. It would have been more fun and less totally knackering without an increasingly overtired 2 year old, and without the rain and without the mud. I've never seen mud like it although I gather that festival old-timers are well used to such a phenomenon.

I was all set to see the Unthanks and the Flaming Lips on Saturday night. It had (finally) stopped raining and all I needed to do was get Hattie to sleep in her buggy rather than her soggy bed in the tent. Ed and Martha had been promised a reasonably late night and were buzzing with excitement, and even I was feeling the festival vibe just a little bit.

And would she sleep? Not a bit of it. We pushed her here, we pushed here there - and she just squealed more and twisted more and showed no signs of slumber. By 8.30 pm I gave up, took her back to the tent on my own where she immediately fell into a deep and happy sleep and I sat reading a book by dwindling light with the sounds of happy music fans in the distance. Rog came back a while later, we put the others to bed and then off he went again to listen to the Flaming Lips stumbling back in again at 1.30 am. To be fair, he did offer to stay so that I could go but I was in too much of a grump by then.

And by all accounts that night was the best night ever at the Green Man Festival.

By Sunday, all was blue sky and sunshine as we packed away, and with the bloody car full of all the soggy, muddy kit - I began to feel a sneaking fondness for the whole dirty, smelly festival experience. None of us had had a shower since Friday, the toilet facilities left much to be desired especially with small kids in tow - but somehow I realised I was just a little bit sad to leave. And I even might just consider going again. Not until Hattie is at least four though - or maybe three. That's next year... I need to learn my Green Man lesson!


Anita said...

Surviving the Green Man Festival in less than pleasant weather - now that's living! :)

Tracey said...

I can't say that it sounds like fun, but I am glad you had some anyway.

In six months Hattie will be a different girl. Hang in there.

Vince said...

That's the way, girl. None of your Yurts with the on-suit. None of the wellies that cost more than a mortgage payment.
And congrats for teaching your kids in the proper to respect the countryside by not telling them about nettles when dropping trousers. Thereby delivering at least twelve leasons in one roasting.
Leasons that will be so hardwired that no matter how ratarsed in future days they will check before bladder evacuation against some ditch.
And again congrats.

Rebecca S. said...

Oh Kate! We were just camping, too, but only had one wet night. I'm glad you came home in one piece and without Pneumonia - and with a great story to share as a family; i.e. "remember the green man festival, when it rained and rained...and you saw the great concert and I sat in the tent with Hattie?"

Lucille said...

Gosh you were brave. We passed through Crickhowell on the way to a snug cottage in the Brecon Beacons that weekend and still came hone a day early because of the relentless rain!

ModernMom said...

I was amazed to read about your GreenMan festival and then discover...no matter what part of the world you are from, those public toilets are about the worst things ever!