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The kids are so small, and I'm working hard to keep us all safe and to stay in remission.

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Sunday, 27 December 2009

Post-Christmas Blues

It's the day after Boxing Day and I'm feeling a bit Christmassed out. The kids had a lovely time, which is after all the most important thing after all that rushing around, and I spent my days and nights coughing. I think I've averaged four hours' sleep a night for the past couple of weeks.

The sinus thing decided not to let up and as a result I'm feeling a bit fed up on that front. To say the least. What I wanted for Christmas is six months of good health without being constantly reminded through coughs, colds, shingles, sinusitis, tonsilitis and flu of what has happened to me in the past couple of years. I was at the docs on Christmas Eve and she said that the only comfort she could offer was that the rubbishness (is that a word??) of my immune system shows that the chemotherapy and radiotherapy had been as effective as possible - so effective that it wiped all good things out too and I'm constantly ill. Maybe I'll get that Christmas present just a bit late and be fighting fit through January. I hope it'll be a happy new year in that respect.

We're still at my mum's but heading home later - lots or re-packing here and then unpacking at home. And then another Christmas family gathering on Tuesday to catch up with my brother, sister-in-law and nephews who have spent Christmas with the other side of their family. And then New Year's Eve.

But, I did get some lovely presents and ate some lovely food (too much I fear). And our lovely woodburner waits for us at home. And some (relative) peace and quiet.


Mummy mania said...

glad you had fun (despite the coughs!). I feel like packing all the decorations away already!

Tracey said...

I am exhausted for you. As I read, I feel how stretch you must be. Hang in there.

Blasé said...

It wasn't over soon enough for me!