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The kids are so small, and I'm working hard to keep us all safe and to stay in remission.

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Monday, 14 December 2009

Un-taping and Moving On

Have writer's block today - or should that be poster's block? Not helped by awful sinusitis which refuses to let up.

We had a lovely weekend by the way- did absolutely nothing which was a very novel experience indeed!

But now have returned to a crazy list of stuff to do. Have spent the morning rushing about picking up floor tiles to build a hearth for our new woodburning stove which is arriving next week (hooray), and emptying the cellar in search of a very elusive box of Christmas decorations. We're getting our tree tonight and the kids are bursting with excitement.

I really remember taping the box up last January while I was still in the middle of radiotherapy treatment, and wondering if I would be around a year later to untape it. It was a very poignant and scary moment which has stayed with me for the year. And here I am!

Christmas, at times, is hard to manage this year too with that fear still very real, but it feels like a real achievement to be here struggling with that box in the cellar. Sometimes I stop in my tracks and just can't believe all that's happened to me. But anyhow, if nothing else, I'm looking forward to the untaping of the box for many years to come!


Menopausal New Mom said...

Kate, that wasn't writer's block! That was a great post, loved that you enjoyed your weekend except for the sinuses but overall, I'm happy that you are celebrating another wonderful year with your children taking in the holidays together. Yes, that box will surface and be there for you every Christmas as a reminder of how resilient you are! Happy Holidays!

diney said...

Glad you had a chill out weekend.You deserve it. I'm sure you will be opening your Christmas box for many years to come. :)

Kate said...


Margaret said...

You will be taping and untaping that box so many times that you will eventually come to curse it.

Tracey said...

Whether you find the box or not, the impact is the same. You have made it. Those giggles on Christmas morning will be that much sweeter.

You may feel "blocked" but you moved me.

Good luck with the tree and such.

Rebecca S. said...

I found this post very moving. I hope you feel better soon and am so glad your weekend was full of blissfully contented nothingness. I'll be ready for one of those pretty soon!

Jen said...

None of us should take for granted that we'll be opening that box again in a year. I'm glad you are able to and hope you do for many years to come.

Anita said...

Your posts help me in appreciating the the joys of life, as well as the so-called struggles.

I'm a little tired, so I'll be back tomorrow to read about your weekend that the others have commented on.

Anonymous said...

Here you are indeed. May your christmas be marvellous - see you tomorrow, the day after and all the way through 2010. :)