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Friday, 18 December 2009


Have you ever made a very hot curry with very, very hot chillies and then put your fingers in your eyes?

I was trying to blast away my sinusitis which makes me feel as if someone is squeezing my neck until my eyes feel as if they might pop out. But all I've achieved is that now my eyes are burning as well.

Apart from that I'm fine.

Really. And I couldn't taste the bloody curry anyway. Apparently it was hot, garlicky and gingery. I wouldn't know.


Tracey said...

I have had chillies burn my fingers. Soaking them in milk helped alot. I am not sure how one would use this for eyes. It's a pitty you could not taste it. But as it is about time for me to start thinking about dinner here, curry it is. I think I'll do the take out variety tonight though.

Rebecca S. said...

Oh that would hurt! Have you been to the doctor about your sinuses? It sounds quite bad! I would give you a hug if I could.