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Thursday, 10 December 2009

We're Going AWOL

We're going away this weekend - without the kids!! I'll just repeat that... without the kids! We're taking ourselves off tomorrow afternoon after dropping the children at my mother's house. It's a lovely hotel we're going to - but I'm just so looking forward to having some peaceful time without constant clamouring demands.

Inevitably tonight I'm feeling hassled. There seems so much to do before Christmas that I feel as if I can't spare the time to be away, and I need to pack for the kids' weekend as well as ours. And our car seems to have developed a sudden, mysterious and tremendously helpful electrical problem which probably means that the battery will be flat tomorrow morning. I can envisage a dawn call to the RAC and then a trip to the garage before we try to set off in the afternoon. Aaargh! But once we're on our way I think I'll be able to chill a bit.

So, I doubt I'll be posting anything here over the weekend. I think I'll leave my lap-top at home and take some books instead. I'm sure you won't miss me and I'll be back home on Monday with a list a mile-long to work through in the pursuit of the perfect Christmas.


Tracey said...

Woohoo!!!! Have fun.

Jen said...

Is this the first time you've gone away without the kids? Have a great time and don't spend too much time worrying about them.

Blissseeker said...

Have a great time...without the kids!! (I'm Jealous:))

diney said...

Hey- I've never had a weekend away without a child for 28 years!! I've only spent 6 single nights away on my own when on business. Honest! I'm not jealous..... :( xx Have a deserved weekend away.

Mummy mania said...

Have a great great time!!!

Rebecca S. said...

By the time you see this you'll probably already have gone and come back. So, I hope you had a wonderful rest and came home recharged enough to tackle that list.

WhisperingWriter said...

Have a fantastic time!