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, through to my reflections on chaotic family life as I try to pick up the pieces of my life again.

The kids are so small, and I'm working hard to keep us all safe and to stay in remission.

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Wednesday, 6 January 2010


I have blogging block! I think it's because of the snow - Roger and the kids are still at home: no-one can travel anywhere at the moment. It's like an extended Christmas holiday without the presents. They're all driving me mad. I didn't realise how much I'd secretly been waiting for everyone to get back to where they normally are on a Wednesday, so that I can organise my life the way I want it.

We're all milling about the house - ok, the kids can play in the garden and have snowball fights, which is quite fun - and ok I always complain that I don't see enough of Rog in the term-time, but...... in fact but what?? It's not the end of the world. It's just that strange sense of hovering in limbo, not doing all the usual stuff which takes some getting used to.

Crazy crazy snow. I can't remember snow like this since I was a child. The folded icing-sugar frozen waves hang, suspended in the crisp air, over the edges of roofs. Every now and again there's a strange cracking roar and snow avalanches off a roof finally sufficiently warmed by central heating inside. I find the noise scary and unsettling - suddenly I can begin to imagine why you'd want to avoid an avalanche on a mountain-side.

The forecast is for snow into next week. I'm already getting worried that I won't be able to get to my scan appointment next Thursday, but I think I'm being a bit dramatic as we do live in the middle - well sort of on the edge, actually - of the city. I'm sure I'll get there.

I need to break out of the snow-induced torpor. Eating a fabulous, luxury beautifully cooked fish-pie (although I do say so myself) hasn't helped on the torpor front. Excuse me anyhow, I have to go and put another log on the fire and make a cup of tea.


Mummy mania said...

yes,it kinda numbs the brain. I was like for days! Go with the flow, and your mojo will come back when it's ready.

Tracey said...

We are cooped up today too. I am letting the boys jump on the bed, just for a little peace.

Folded icing-sugar frozen waves. I like it.

Rebecca S. said...

I could picture everything as you describe it. Sounds lovely, and a bit suffocating. I know how you feel from past experience, although presently we have bright blue sky, crazy wind and bare lawns.

Menopausal New Mom said...

I hear you on the cold and snow. I have the wood stove going right now but honestly, there is nothing like wood heat in the winter. I love it.

About the snow on the roof, we have a metal roof now and every now and again like you mentioned, a huge avalanche will fall and make me jump out of my skin too Lol!

BTW, I always read all my comments and I want to thank you for sharing your story. I was overwhelmed at the support everyone was so willing to give me, so much so that I'm determined to have a great time during those 6 days with or without her cooperation.

Vince said...

We here in Tipperary had ice and frost 'til yesterday. It warmed up a bit in the PM, and I cut to Aldi and Tesco quick-sharp. On my way home over the mountain at 20mph, where I would normally be hitting in spots only, snow was falling such that wheel marks of the car ahead were rubbed out.
But I did giggle when watching the beeb, and saw Godalming was under a foot of snow.

Anonymous said...
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