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Sunday, 24 January 2010

Majorca not Mumbai

So - plans have changed.

Now Rog and I are going away at Easter for a week and my mum is having the kids. I thought long and hard and realised that exciting as India would be, I'm not in the mode for exciting at the moment - or not exciting in that way. Rog and I have been through lots, lots, lots in the seven years we've been together - and we've not been away for longer than a couple of nights on our own in that time. With me being as ill as I've been, inevitably our relationship has been under considerable strain. Now we're just starting to get back on track - and a week away (in sunny Majorca - I booked it this morning!!!) will certainly help.

I'm so excited....7 lie-ins, meals brought to us and cleared away by someone else, no one to sort out but ourselves. I'll miss the children but we'll have some fun - which has been in short supply around here for some time now! We've already entertained ourselves for much of the day deciding how long we'll rent a car for and how many monasteries and beautiful little villages we can pack in to the week. As well as serious R&R, serious reading and serious coffee consumption.

I know - I'm so lucky to have my mum who's prepared to take on all three kids. She works hard - at 62 runs her own thriving and fabulous pub on the Northumberland coast so having the kids will not be easy. I wish my dad was around to help (of course I wish my lovely dad was around anyway - not just to help while we're away!!) but he died 10 years ago. My husband's parents are both dead too - so the kids are a bit short of willing grandparents to lend a hand. But I know my brother and sister will help too......

Vince... you were right when you commented after my last post that Rog needed to get away too after what he's been through. We'll have a laugh and a rest - and I'm planning to go on a riding trip to Mongolia with my mum next summer when I'm truly fit and well. Life's looking up.


Tracey said...

Yeah!!!! So happy for you! Awwww...what a great time you will have.

Vince said...

When's Easter again. . . . Ah, the end of March, that's not too far away. And even if it is raining you will have Spring in your nose.

Rebecca S. said...

Bless your mum. I love that she runs a thriving pub! Majorca sounds wonderful, and not so far away from the kids as India. So happy for you.

diney said...

A good call - hubby does need a break too, and it will be great for you to have time together.