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Monday, 25 January 2010


Ed had a bleed over the weekend in a tendon in his thigh. He was hobbling by the time he came home from school on Friday and couldn't climb into the bath by the evening. I tried to treat him and couldn't - I found the vein and then it popped as I was giving the treatment. On the other arm, I couldn't even find a vein and was fiddling around until he'd seriously had enough. On Saturday morning, I tried again twice and then had to admit defeat. Consequently we spent Saturday afternoon in the hospital until the nurses could find time to treat him.

I was mostly worried that Ed would lose confidence in me and start to believe that I can't give the treatment. He was in tears but he said he'd never thought I couldn't manage.

So tonight, when it was time to give him his weekly treatment - we were all pretty stressed although I was trying, probably unsuccessfully, to hide it. And I managed - with Ed giving me encouragement all the way.

It's bloody hard this - I got a telling off from the haemophilia centre for not bringing him in immediately on Friday night when I couldn't treat him, but I was making decisions which I thought was best for Ed. However it didn't fit with their treatment protocol. I can see their point but I knew that everyone needed to go to bed and that Ed would be ok until the morning - it would have been un-necessarily disrupting to have had to get in the cold car....

Anyhow - I'm so pleased that I can move on with confidence again - and that Ed can trust me to do the best I can. His pale tearful face on Saturday was desperate.


Rebecca S. said...

Health professionals can be pretty cold sometimes, which can be necessary in their line of work, but as Ed's mom, you knew best. I really, truly believe that. Keep trying with the home treatment - one day it will come more easily.

Anonymous said...

I have had to give my wife injections before and I feel the pressure incredibly - not to mention every wince she lets out.

I am sure your confidence is not misplaced and that it will grow along with your expertise as time passes. Love is the most powerful of motivators.