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Wednesday, 13 January 2010

My New Bag

Oh, oh! I went shopping this morning to buy a friend's little boy a present and somehow I bought myself the most beautiful Orla Kiely bag! It was reduced in a sale - but still it was more money than I have EVER spent on a bag. I don't do bags either, in fact to pay for my beautiful bag I took my purse out of my old, old bag that I've had for years. I have a couple of other old bags with which I ring the changes - but that's it.

Something must have gone to my head.

I justified it to myself as a present to cheer myself up before my scan tomorrow. I think that taking it into the hospital and subsequently taking it everywhere is just what I need. But I do feel guilty enough to leave it in its plastic cover from the shop until Rog gets back from work and agrees that I can keep it.

Wouldn't he be just a bit churlish to make me take it back? You're on my side for this aren't you?

Strangely, just as I was dithering over purchasing said bag, an old lady walked past and said out of the blue and unsolicited,
"If you can afford it and you love it, you should have it. You don't know what might be around the corner."
I took this as enough of a hint from the karma crew to scuttle off to the till clutching my bag.

I bought some clothes too - but that's another story.

Have found a way to ease those school-run, pre-scan blues. Spend some money.


f8hasit said...

Have you heard that song, New Shoes?
That's my motto for spending. If it makes you feel good, then it's worth it.

Within reason of course...
Don't want to spend the kiddies college education fund on a Birkin bag or anything.


Vince said...

I truely hope your scan goes well and if you are not taking the morsel from the sprigs mouths or the stitch from their backs I suspect if it puts a light in your eye, himself, would not care over much if you went out and bought a motorcar.

Mummy mania said...

Orla Keily bags rock!! I first succumbed to the impulse a couple of years ago - and I warn you now - you won't stop at one! I got the matching purse for Christmas - Sooooo exciting! Goon girl, you deserve it. Good luck on Thursday.

Tracey said...

Well, if the bag makes it out of the plastic, will you post a picture?

Rachel said...

I will tote the same purse until it flat gives out; I don't find many that I like. My sister on the other hand gets a new one every week!

Josephine Tale Peddler said...

Kate, you deserve it! Who was that angel old lady? Wow. What an amazing story. Good luck with your scan sweets. xx

diney said...

As Cheryl says --'Yor wooorth it baybe'. Enjoy it and forget the guilt. Hope all goes well. x

Rebecca S. said...

'The Karma Crew'- love it! Can I borrow it? (The phrase I mean, not the bag.) Sometimes that is just what we need to cheer us up and give us a bit of a sparkly feeling. Oh, I hope your scan went well today and you are given the 'all clear!'...