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Tuesday, 29 December 2009

A Monster in the Room

We went to the sales yesterday. Were we crazy? The city was packed with people jostling for bargains. We bought a television!! For the past seven years we have happily watched a bulky, old fashioned box - in no way could it be described as chic, slim and flat-screened. But we haven't noticed or cared that there has been a revolution in the kind of televisions most people watch. A revolution - that's the right word I think.

But now - after one discussion - we have a huge, flat-screened monster which looms scarily in the corner of our room. I ask again. Were we crazy?

And we bought saucepans. I'm very pleased with them - very, very pleased with them. Do I sound 40? I fear I do.

And don't ask about the sinusitis.


Mummy mania said...

well done you - it's great to get a bargain!

Tracey said...

You may sound 40. I know this because I am 40 and just last week I found myself in the store congratulating another woman on her purchase of a vacuum cleaner. It happens.

But wouldn't you rather be that lady than one who congratulates someone on their purchase of an obscenely large tv? :)

While we don't put too much value on those kids of things around here (like you, it seems), there is the occasional pang of desire for flashy electronics and a tv so large the neighbors could watch.


Tracey said...

I meant to say those *kinds* of things. We put much value on the kids.

Menopausal New Mom said...

Yes, a nice set of saucepans can be a thrill, I guess that's a sign of our ages Lol!

Nice big TV, I hate them! We have a 42" hanging on the wall, total eye sore. I used to have a nice cabinet that hid my 24" TV nicely behind doors when I wasn't watching it. Those were the days before I had to share my family room with a man Lol!

Anita said...

I bought my parents a flat screen computer monitor for a Christmas present and they were amazed! I guess they didn't know the revolution was going on either...well, but they do have a flat screen TV. That was a gift from another child last year.

Rebecca S. said...

We got a new tv just a couple of years ago, and now we have noticed, with yet another technological advance, that it cuts some of the writing out on some of the channels. I just can't seem to keep up!

diney said...

Buying new saucepans sounds great - I could do with some and would be equally middle aged about it (oops! I am middle aged!!). Hubby did the sales and bought two suits and shirts for the office whilst I took little E and her friend to see the Chipmunks movie (worst I've had to endure). Love your wide screen tv - I do (and it means I don't need my contact lenses in!) x

diney said...

PS Have handed the High Five Meme to you - see my blog for details if you haven't already done it! x