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Wednesday, 2 February 2011

Acupuncture Ahead

Today I had acupuncture in my lower back and legs to try to relieve the awful nerve pains I have down my legs at night. It's been going on for the past couple of years, is getting worse and is really starting to disturb my sleep. I have a suspicion that this is a legacy of the chemotherapy - but whatever it is, I need to sort it unless I am going to spend my whole time taking painkillers.

The acupuncture was strangely relaxing (once I'd got over having to remove my jeans in front of the handsome, young physiotherapist). In fact I didn't really get over that but I just blocked out the vision I had of myself lying prone on my stomach with pins sticking out of me. I talked quite a lot.... possibly in an attempt to distract him. But I do have tremendous faith in acupuncture - I've had it before - so fingers crossed.

It's disappointing being (nearly) 42 and not in supermodel shape. Still - I haven't forgotten my pilates resolution, so I'm sure a hot bod is just around the corner.

And I wrote the first draft of my children's picture book yesterday. I'm pleased with it but I WISH I could draw. I can exactly see how I want the pictures to be, but I can't draw them. GRRRR!


Rebecca S. said...

What is the theme of your children's book? I wrote one once too, but it badly needs editing... I'm sure a hot literary career is just around the corner:)

My GP is an acupuncturist too. He's from Scotland, is young and handsome, too and it can be quite unnerving to visit the doc, but I'm getting over it. With other doctors, I was always having a baby so the visits are about the baby more than anything so it is easier to get past if the doc is good looking or not. Now that I'm older, I just don't feel as comfortable having a young guy look at me for female stuff so I have the female nurse practitioner do it.
Lots of people I know swear by acupuncture so I hope it continues to work for you in this situation.

legend in his own lunchtime said...

It must be hard to look cute when you are feeling like a Porcupine;)
Is the pain like Cramp? My mom suffered from pains in her legs at night and she found a lot of relief by drinking Tonic water before going to bed. The quinine helped somehow.

Kate said...

Well - I'll try the tonic trick. I'd better resist the urge to add gin to it! Thanks, Legend! And Rebecca - the book is about a naughty toddler. Wonder who's the inspiration for that character...

purpletrumpet said...

I love acupuncture and would have it every week regardless if I needed it or not!! If I could afford it that is!
Good luck with the book