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Friday, 28 May 2010

Off To Scotland

We're off to Scotland for the half-term break tomorrow. Away for the whole week - I can't wait.

I am slightly less enthusiastic about the 9 hour drive with a small tyrant in the car. This afternoon on the 10 minute drive to pick up the kids from school, Hattie wailed and cried and shouted at me because she wanted me to close MY window which was open approximately 2 inches! Reasonable? I think not. On the way home she yelled all the way because she dropped her small plastic red teaspoon which she likes to carry around with her for absolutely no apparent reason that I can see.

I've just remembered that 2 year-olds are not that big on reasonable - how could that have slipped my mind?

Actually do you find 5 and 6 year-olds all that reasonable?

At what age exactly do kids become reasonable? Let me know.


Meghan said...

a 9 hour drive from where i live would get us to the middle of a mountain range, a desert, or a grassy plain. from my point of view...a 9 hour drive to scotland would be so dreamy. i am so envious of you. i have a 3yo. he is not reasonable...but boy is he cute. ooohhh....i cannot stand the irony sometimes:) bon voyage!

Kate said...

Thanks, Meghan. The scenery is pretty amazing. And Hattie is lovely of course - I spend half my time wishing she'd grow older and half my time desperately hoping she won't.

Tracey said...

Oh my Samuel is this way. He is three and half, not two, but he is mildly autistic and developmentally, he is about that. Imagine now it Hattie were 45 pounds and strong as an ox.

It is so tempting to give in the unreasonable demands. Do I want my window down more than I want him to quit screaming? No, not really. But if I give in once, he thinks that this is something over which he has a say, and it is harder (louder, longer) the next time.

Stand your ground Mama!

And golly, I'd fly 9 hours with a tyrant to see Scotland.

Have fun.

Rebecca S. said...

Oooo...Scotland. Whatever you may think of Prince Charles, he paints lovely watercolours that make me want to visit the home of my Lamb ancestors.
And at what age to children become reasonable? The traditional age is about seven, but it certainly depends on the child!
Have a very good trip - perhaps Hattie will rise to the occasion. One can only hope!