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Thursday, 20 May 2010

Thomas Cromwell and the Gym

OMG!!! I went to the gym again. And cycled and treadmilled until I was worried about my rapidly increasing heartbeat. Phew. I'm very proud of myself.

And this morning I took Hattie shopping and we bought her new sandals to celebrate the start of the lovely summer weather.

And at the risk of repeating myself I have to rave again about 'Wolf Hall'. I feel as if my life is a mere shadow compared to the world I'm inhabiting whenever I find five minutes to open the book. I keep expecting to bump into Thomas Cromwell. You might think he's unlikely to be in the gym though, or in the shoe department at John Lewis..... but I'm not so sure.


Rebecca S. said...

So I guess that means that you are getting your 'arse into gear' now :)

I am going to have to check out that book, and I have to admit I don't know what you are talking about re: Thomas Cromwell.

Vince said...

I read someplace lately that the best workout for those of a certain age is swimming or that ski-thing. It something to do with less impact, or to put it in real English. We don't break things we might need later.
And is it Henry VII's Cromwell.

diney said...

I'm just off to the gym too - I'll look out for Cromwell! I've heard good things about Wolf Hall and will take it on holiday with me for sure.

Kate said...

Well, Rebecca I guess I'm getting my arse into gear somewhat. And Vince - may I remind you I'm only 41!! But I don't want to break anything that's for sure. Yes - it is Henry VIII's Cromwell.... totally fascinating.

Tracey said...

You crossed my mind today. Are you doing well.

I think I want to read this book. Can I get it over here? (Of course asking you to tell me is silly. They have invented this thing called the 'interwebs' or some such where you can look up any information or pornographic material that strikes you fancy. Amazing invention really. Have you heard of it?) If not, I can order off amazon.uk. I ordered my Oxford dictionary from there because I read alot of British book and needed a British dictionary. (I secretly think this makes me an interesting person. Ooops. Secrets out.)

Anyhoo...have a good week.

Kate said...

Well Tracey, I'm sure you can get the book over your way. It won the Booker Prize so must be widely available I'd have thought. It really is great, although I've had to break off to read another book that I'm doing some tuition for, for a couple of days - agony! But I'm off to bed in a minute with a cup of tea and Thomas Cromwell!! Thanks for your comment.... I'm doing well at the moment thanks.