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Friday, 23 July 2010

School Holidays

It's the last Friday of the school term. In an hour I'm going to fetch the kids from school and then the long six week holiday stretches ahead! I don't really mean to make it sound like that. We have plans - camping in Yorkshire, heading off to the Highlands of Scotland and camping in Wales - and that'll be fun I'm sure, but oh so exhausting.

I'm feeling well actually - so exhausting doesn't really matter I guess. But I'm enjoying my peaceful space in the afternoons while Hattie sleeps and I can write. And I'm really writing - committing to spending regular time every afternoon writing at least a little. And that's why I've been neglecting my blog. But I've been missing it too so I'm going to post a bit more often again. And I'm certainly going to miss that window of peace in the middle of the day - September will promise some peace from that point of view.

But the summer holiday is also a welcome release from the tyranny of routine - from packed lunches, ironing uniforms and the clock-radio coming on at 6 bloody 20 every morning! We've pizza and chocolate tea-cakes for tea as a celebration.

On a more serious note though I'm a bit worried too. Ed and I seem to be falling out a lot at the moment. He is cheeky at only 6 and a half- always has an answer for everything and can wind me up quicker than anyone else I know. I seem to be especially short-tempered at the moment... and we're not a good combination when things get like that. I adore him with a passion but he really doesn't know when to stop and I don't seem to know how to keep calm. I don't want to spend the summer holidays shouting - so deep breaths before the school run. I'm the adult here.... and I'd do well to remember that.


diney said...

It's always good to take a deep breath and try to step backjust a little before letting a situation ignite. Diffusiin always best, if possible, but not always so easy as we are only human even though we are adults!! Have a great time. I'm still in USA and going to Wales at end of Aug - may bump into you there!

Tim Riley said...

Keep making time to write-sounds like you really enjoy it. Maybe it will help keep you sane during the break.

ModernMom said...

We are 3 weeks into our summer holiday here in Canada. My oldest is 11 years old and every moment I am with her I realize more and more she is my "mini me". She is exactly like me in every way! Which can be very frustrating as this means we are both always right :) I too have to take deep breaths and remember I am the adult. Solid advice! Enjoy your celebration!

Vince said...

Soooo, you're not part of the Family that went to Harris last evening then. You don't have something small in the lower highlands. Oh Oh OH, have ya decked the boy in his own Colours. And FYI when you meet the Kilted Celt it is not the colour of his kilt that he finds important it's the stone in the hilt of his private knife, the Sgean Dubh.

Vince said...

Btw, that comment was joke.
And in case you missed it, those that comment have to put a word verification. Every time.
So, we are not exactly lazy.

Rebecca S. said...

You and Ed.
Me and Ian.
Same story.
All will be well.
Just keep trying and count to ten.
All will be well.