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Friday, 10 September 2010

Can't Write... Just Can't

What I would like to know is..... why, despite reading lots and lots and lots, can't I write 2000 words in the form of a decent short story??? How can it possibly be so unbelievably difficult. Yesterday I sat down in front of the netbook (an achievment in itself) and wrote 750 words worth of rubbish.

F. Scott Fitzgerald I am not.

Damn Damn Damn.


Exmoorjane said...

Have been trying to leave this comment for hours so let's hope it works this time!!
First up, just write....first thing, every day, for twenty minutes. Doesn't matter if it's total crap - it oils the writing muscles.
Second up, small world!! Yes, of course we went to *that* pub - husband is a beer writer so we visit every halfway decent pub wherever we go! Lovely - but sadly (for us) too booked for us to eat.
We were there last week - came back on Saturday (wonder if we DID cross paths?) jxx

legend in his own lunchtime said...

It's hard to get your head above the clouds of kiddie care and housework. I have only one son (6), but as chief cook, bottle washer and care giver, I have to carve out a space for me late at night, or early in the morning. Apart from a silly blog I keep, I try and write songs. I have the same problem. It all seems so easy until you try. I was given the same advice as
Jane's by a novelist friend and it has helped. Maybe one day, the output might reveal a keeper.
Thanks for writing. You are good you know.

Tracey said...

Hey, guess what? I am going to say the same this as everyone else. Just write. I like the idea of so many words per day, but a time limit is good too. Just work those muscles even if you think it is crap. It will get the juices flowing and blow out all the junk that my be clogging your creativity.

Just do it. Don't read it. Don't worry that it's not good enough, for anyone else to read. Just write!!!!!

Sending some good writer vibes your way.

Rebecca S. said...

It might be utter crap, but it's 'your' utter crap, and you managed to get something down. Put it away for a while and go back to it. You might find something in it later. That often works for me.

Kate said...

I'm trying to fix the comments!

diney said...

it's cool to be able to say you have writer's block though!! Now you are a real writer I think!

diney said...

it's cool to be able to say you have writer's block though!! Now you are a real writer I think!