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The kids are so small, and I'm working hard to keep us all safe and to stay in remission.

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Tuesday, 21 September 2010

Christmas Comes Early

Yesterday I had to have my photograph taken with the kids to go along with my article which is coming out in the Christmas edition of Red Magazine. A more stressful and potentially humiliating activity would be hard to plan in my opinion.

The make-up artist(!! No, no heavy make-up!!), sent by the magazine, was due to come at 2.45, and the photographer travelling from London up to the North of the country just to take our picture, was coming at 3pm. The kids were due home at 3.30 and then we all were heading to the park, dressed in scarves and boots and hats, despite the warm weather, in order to pretend it was Christmas. I'd drafted my mum to come too for moral support, and bribed the kids' good behaviour (and mum's!) with the promise of pizzas and special yoghurts with special corners which are the current longed-for treat in our house.

I had been dreading this - by the time the morning came, I was in an agony of nerves. I HATE HATE HATE having my photograph taken. I don't know what to do with my face. My eyes start to water with the effort of trying to look 'normal'.

The photographer was lovely though and with gritted teeth I posed as best I could. Ed, though, absolutely loved it. He chatted/ flirted with the pretty photographer (yes, he's only 6) and posed and posed and posed. She paid him the ultimate compliment and said that he had a look of the young Mick Jagger! Wow, I hope my son grows up to be as beautiful as him. I cheered up immensely then. He seems a bit of a show-man too, my Ed. Oh dear.

Martha looked beautiful and Hattie looked beautiful and uncooperative.

Now all I have to do is wait with toe-curling anticipation to see how I look. Heaven help me!


Tim Riley said...

I'm sure the pictures will be great. Congrats on the article.

Diney said...

Ha! How great - it's amazing how our kids rise to any occasion (well, usually!!) and it certainly sounds as if all yours (and your Mum!) did you proud. I thought you were down because you had writers block and here you are with a real life article coming out in Red - well done!! I read it in the hairdressers so will ensure I look for it! Respect!

Kate said...

Thanks, Tim and Diney. I am excited about it, but because it's about my story when diagnosed with cancer, I kind of think, 'well, anyone can have cancer and write about it!' I'll be really really pleased if I manage to get anything unrelated to cancer published. That'd be a real achievement!

ModernMom said...

Oh I am sure you will be gorgeous! I do hope you will find a way to post the article and pictures here for the rest of the world to see:)

Tracey said...

You're right. Anyone can have cancer and write about it. But, not the way you do. I know. I've read the stuff on your blog.

Your story about being alone in one part of the hospital while newborn Hattie was in another was heart wrenching. I'll be honest, I can't remember all the cancer-having details of that story, but every so often I get a chill when I remember how I felt reading it. For some reason, I pictured you in a hospital made of grey stone, like an old castle, but colder, such was you isolation. I just got that chill again.

Don't play this down just because it is about your cancer. The world is crawling with cancer survivors and they chose YOU to write your story.

Having said that, I too hope it leads to other things for you.


legend in his own lunchtime said...

It would be nice if you could post it Kate. You have a following over here in the States.

Rebecca S. said...

Ooooh how exciting! Congratulations, and I can't top anything that Tracey said. She is the queen of comments! Looking forward to the photo, whick I'm sure will be great.

Tracey said...

This is why I subscribe to comments.

Thanks Rebecca.

Kate, does the mag do an online version. I s'pose I can check that myself. I'm looking forward to it.

WhisperingWriter said...

I'm sure the pictures will be fantastic!

Mary said...

Hello Kate,

I subscribe to 'Red' and have just finished reading the article - which prompted me to look for your blog. Your story is inspiring and humbling (is that a word?) - you have gained another follower! The photo's are wonderful - you look great.

purpletrumpet said...

You can never have too many cancer survival stories. The more the merrier although less would perhaps mean less people are actually getting cancer??!! Your story was lovely, touching and memorable. Enjoy and basque! You've been through what many of us can only fear.
Photos look great by the way x