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Wednesday, 13 October 2010


So, I went to the hospital today. The consultant checked my back and felt my neck for lumps. She acknowledged that it was indeed lumpy and when I asked her if she was worried she said she wasn't. Immediately after that she asked me when they last took blood and said they should do it today. I'm trying to imagine that it was just a co-incidence that she decided to mention that directly after feeling my neck. I guess it is just routine - that said, they haven't been checked since April. The doctor seemed fairly casual and I made an appointment to come back for my next routine check-up in January. I hope she's not thinking that she'll see me sooner.

Blood results won't tell me directly anything definitely about whether the cancer has returned or not. They test for liver function, red and white blood cells and also there is a check on whether a certain scary marker has risen or not. If that marker has risen, that can indicate tumour growth, but it doesn't necessarily. Then they start those horrible CT scans. Even writing this is making me feel panicky.

Lets hope the blood tests were just routine and that they're fine. Oh my God.... I hope.


Rebecca S. said...

Yes, let's HOPE. I imagine that the consultant wants to check your blood count because you have sinusitis, and she just wants to make sure your immunity is up to snuff. Please don't panic - you've been feeling pretty good as of late. That must mean something good, right?

Josephine Tale Peddler said...

Hello, Try not to get yourself too worked up. Keep with the breath. Sending you good vibes and love. xx

legend in his own lunchtime said...

Hi Kate, Blood tests are routine. If the lumps are where your glands are, they will be enlarges because of your sinusitis, which is why she said she wasn't worried. I think they would be doing a lot more if they thought the cancer was coming back.

Tracey said...

It is five days later, and you have posted no word. I take that to mean that all is well and you are out enjoying your life. I'll say a little prayer, either way.