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Sunday, 28 November 2010

Cooking and Cooking and Cooking Some More

And now to more prosaic matters. The cold cold weather and crazy snow has had the same old effect on me - I've been cooking like a dervish.

We've lit our woodburner every day for the past week - the warm, sauna-like heat a balm for the terrors which hit us when we venture out of the door. It's a military operation getting the kids to school or buying a pint of milk. I've given up entirely on the car for the time being.

And I'm cooking. I've made my jars of pear chutney, ready to give to people as Christmas presents. A certain skint state has forced presents of economy this year - but corny though it is I've had much more pleasure from my rows of beautifully sterilised, prettily lidded and labelled jars, than I have from lining up bought gifts in previous years. And there's still homemade lemon curd and honeycomb to be made for the same lucky recipients.

And I have been cooking my way through the latest Nigella Lawson book as I threatened to do. Today we're having meatloaf - not something I've really thought to cook before, being English through and through. But this looks delightful with slices of egg running through the middle, and bacon wrapped around the top. Not a vegetarian's idea of heaven, I'll agree, and certainly not the lightest of meals it's true. We don't eat that much meat ourselves - but there's something about the snow that makes me want to snuggle right down with food and warmth and forget about other more aesthetic pleasures.

I'll let you know how the meatloaf turns out.


legend in his own lunchtime said...

My son likes making meatloaf when he goes to his grannies. We've just been through the same just before thanksgiving, but now it is back to calm weather.
You could sell your wares at the pub.

Kate said...

I might just do that! By the way, the meatloaf was lovely.

Tim Riley said...

Meatloaf wrapped in bacon? That's a beautiful thing.

ModernMom said...

I have an Aunt who gives us one jar of jam every Christmas, we look forward to it every year!

Oh and my kids acutally love meatloaf. I will have to look up that N. Lawson recipe:)

Tracey said...

Meatloaf is not my ideal food. But being American through and through, I must tell you that meatloaf with egg running through it is just wrong, wrong, wrong. And bacon? I bet that's tasty. But the test of a true meatloaf is the sticky red goo of questionable origin which is spread on top. I love Nigella, so I am sure it was tasty. (I'm just not sure it was really meatloaf. :) )

purpletrumpet said...

I am doing homemade cookies for christmas present for the adults this year. I am broke. I have found a passion for cake and cookie making so am putting it to good use this year!!!
No one can refuse cakes or cookies eh??!!
Just read about you in Red, amazing......

Rebecca S. said...

Dear Kate: I've also been cooking like a mad fiend, but then, with four kids, three of them teenagers, when am I not? Homemade preserves are my favourite presents in the world. Wish I were on your list :)

Rebecca S. said...

I forgot to say that I was very moved by your comment on my post about driving. I did respond but I never know if people get these things. Anyway, I wanted to say that I should take a leaf out of your book and trust more that all will be well xo

Young at Heart said...

Pear chutney and lemon curd? How utterly delicious....I'm a great believer in homemade...when in doubt knit it or preserve it....Nigella's new book is on my wish list!!