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Monday, 6 December 2010

Fed Up!

It's so cold! It was -11 when we set off on the school run this morning. It took me the best part of half an hour to de-ice the car and get it vaguely driveable.

Because our backyard - where we usually park the car - and the back lane too, is like a snow-covered ice-rink, the car was parked about a ten minute walk away from the house on the main road. So the de-icing happened with the kids and Hattie in tow. Suffice to say Hattie did not enjoy the experience - and lets face it, neither did I.

And then we got stuck pulling away onto the road. Cue lots of wheel spinning and snow flying. We have a big heavy car which is not 4-wheel drive. And don't I know it? We're not equipped here in England for this kind of thing. Even up here in the north.

So - even the most everyday tasks become major deals. I suppose there is a sense of achievement which goes along with getting the kids in through the school doors. Hmmmm.

I've got lots to do - it's Christmas soon - hurry up and melt, snow. Enough already.


legend in his own lunchtime said...

At the slightest whiff of snow, our schools close.
I've been getting weather updates from my dad, who has been struggling to look after Mam (he's sole carer). He can't get out to the shops, and has been thinking of different ways to prepare the canned meat he managed to stock up on.

Vince said...

hopefully this will see the last of this blasted white stuff.
I have to say watching the London news on the beeb is giving me lots of laughs.

purpletrumpet said...

I'm rather loving the White stuff and the cold but daresay lots are suffering because of it. We are just not equipped for it at all. I'm so glad my granny isn't around for these harse temps. I would be worried sick about her as she had an outside loo and i've read about so many old folks who've gone outside to clear paths or get coal etc and perished. It's so sad. Maybe this weather would bring out a better sense of community?? I wish it would.

Rebecca S. said...

If your country was used to this weather they would have a fleet of snowplows and sand/salt trucks working 24/7. Instead, I'm sure like where I live, they have limited resources and must leave most of you to fend for yourselves whiile they try and keep up with the main routes. So, the very mention of the word 'snow' sends everyone into a panic because they know what's coming! Chin up, it can't go on forever, right? At least you put in a nice wood stove last year.

Tracey said...

Ice is the worst. Snow, in some volume, is almost a spring day compared to ice. But, I just read about your weekend, so it sounds like things are looking up!