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, through to my reflections on chaotic family life as I try to pick up the pieces of my life again.

The kids are so small, and I'm working hard to keep us all safe and to stay in remission.

Stay with me - it won't be all doom and gloom I promise!

Wednesday, 5 January 2011

Hello 2011

Today the kids are back at school and Rog is back at work. Hattie is asleep and the house is peaceful. I've just finished taking down the Christmas decorations and wrapping them up for another year. And this year I'm not putting them away with dread in my heart as to whether I'll be around to unwrap them again next year.

I'm not out of the woods yet as far as my cancer returning is concerned. I'm only two years in remission and I've got to get to five. But somehow, for some reason that doesn't feel as scary as it did. I guess that time does heal, and that the dreadful truly harrowing year following Harriet's birth is fading from the foremost of my memory. I'm living with some distressing, and what I'm scared to think might be permanent, long-term side effect of the chemotherapy - but I'm alive.

I've a hospital check-up appointment next week: always anxiety provoking at the best of times, but I'm looking and feeling well (apart from that pesky sinusitis which often hovers around) and it was gratifying to hear at the New Year party how many people genuinely complimented me as to how healthy I was looking. In fact I have a suspicion that dancing until 3am might have been what sparked off the sinusitis. A far cry from the way I said goodbye to 2008, thank heavens.

And new year's resolutions? Pilates. And writing. Quite a good mix actually, I think.


Anita said...

It's wonderful that life has been "normal" for you this past year. May it continue a life time. :)

Have a peaceful and fulfilling new year!

Meghan said...

so happy for you. 2 years is no small thing. keep the positive energy, girl. happy new year!!!

Hot Cross Mum said...

A very Happy New Year - here's to a happy and healthy 2011. x

Heather Peden said...

Happy new year Kate! I've been making my way through your posts and.. wow. Your story is heartbreaking yet hopefilled. Thank you for sharing all of this. Health and happiness and lots of writing in 2011. :)

kerryonliving said...

Wishing you a wonderful, happy, hopeful and healthy 2011!

purpletrumpet said...

Yes get writing!!! Can't wait to see you in print!!
Fitness regime has started now and diet as the cycle is now this year!! Eek
Keep us up to date, love reading your blog. There is just not enough of it!!

Rebecca S. said...

Happy New Year! And there's nothing like hearing how great you look from other people to make you start to believe it :) xo

Tracey said...

I thought of you this year as I was packing up my Christmas things. I think now I always will. And then again next year, when I pull them out. How much will my life change between now and then? Some years it changes not at all; others, too much.

Happy New Year to all of you.