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The kids are so small, and I'm working hard to keep us all safe and to stay in remission.

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Wednesday, 11 May 2011

Wednesday Blues

I've been for a run! Well - more like a power walk with sporadic and very short bursts of running. But still - I got myself into gear and headed for the park. And I've booked a Zumba class for Friday too.

I'm pretty sure that there won't be any discernable change on the outside for some time to come.....but I feel fitter already.

It's been such a hassly week. Ed has been backwards and forwards to hospital after hurting himself at a roller-skating party at the weekend. And yesterday - again - I couldn't find a vein. The upshot of me not being able to treat him myself before school, was that we had to spend the best part of the morning at the hospital; Hattie missed her music session which she loves and spent most of the morning wailing in disappointment; and I??? I could feel my blood pressure rising! Today we've just returned home from the second visit of the week - it ran so late that I just got Ed back to school in time for the afternoon session. And even then he was eating his lunch in the car on the way. I'll be lucky if Hattie gets any sleep at all before I have to whisk her out of bed and go to fetch the kids.

On top of this, I have one seriously overworked, seriously stressed husband who's not sleeping due worrying..... and we have no bloody money. I need to find a job, and fast! Although I'm not sure how all the ferrying, cooking, cleaning and washing will get done if I'm working as well.

So - I'm pleased that I did actually head out to the park this morning before the hospital appointment. I was almost distracted by the state of the house (how I wish I had a cleaner), but in the nick of time I decided that some fresh air would do more for my spirits than a clean house. And it did - although the stairs selfishly didn't hoover themselves while I was out.


Tracey said...

Miserable, thoughtless stairs.

Ya know, homeschooling is a whole bunch of work and sometimes I wonder why I bother. Then I hear stories like this one, and I am glad that I do. Flexibility is one of the pluses.

A negative is that I can't do school and get a job, and money stays tight.

But you went for what passes for a jog around these parts, and good for you!

Rebecca S. said...

May your days get better, and soon! Sending warm wishes across the miles, Kate :) Poor little Ed, Poor little Hattie, poor husband (we've just been through something similar - it did improve), and poor you. I say a move to Scotland is in order :)